Intelligent Personal Training


I would like to introduce Intelligent Personal Training in a short summary.

As a professional personal trainer, I divide my clients into two categories:

  1. Clients who are professional or semi-professional athletes and may or may not compete currently
  2. Clients who wish to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle in a well functioning body

Whichever category you belong to, during our first meeting, we will:

  • measure your body composition
  • discuss your current fitness habbits
  • talk about possible improvements regarding your eating and exercise routine

On the second meeting we will talk about and test joint mobility, stability and posture. It’s helpful, if you already have a goal in mind. We’ll set up a plan to achieve your personal outcomes during the first two meetings.

Should there be some kind of misalignment or immobility in certain parts of the body, we set out to deal with that, so in a few weeks’ time you can continue your fitness journey with a reduced chance of an injury.

From that point our mutual path can take two different turns, depending on which previous category you belong to.

With my professional and semi professional athlete clients we will continue working on enhancing sport specific and cross-training performance.

With those clients seeking a healthier lifestyle and a fully functioning body, will enter my personal favorite area – the multi sport approach and possibilities, still focusing on their specific goals of course. 

When I say multi-sport, I aim to help people to create the body and the mindset that will easily cope with hiking, rafting, trying a brandnew sport, and at the same time is fit to carry around bags of cement when building a house if necessary.

My dream is to help people build and preserve a fully functioning, free body for years to come, so you can be there for your loved ones for as long as possible.

I guarantee you working with me will consist of:

  • proper warm-up prior to working out
  • exercises that improve cardiovascular health
  • 100% of my undivided attention
  • working with a professional
  • achieving your goals with persistent work
  • proper stretching after every workout
  • “no pain, more gain” approach
  • guidance and education regarding your own training and nutrition

What working with me will NOT involve:

  • ego lifting: meaning working with weights far too heavy for you
  • training without a precise goal
  • having to share your personal training time with other clients
  • unachievable goals
  • stagnation
  • rigidity and stiffness due to lack of focus on stretching
  • “no pain, no gain” approach

If you are after a training that is safe, intelligent and science-based, book your session today!

For more information and contact:

The trainings are located in:

Cross Factory, Pécs, Megyeri út 4.

Parking on the street is free. Buses number: 2, 25, 27, 21, 22, 23, 24 stop nearby.

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